Javier Starks is a black recording artist, songwriter, teacher, community activist and youth advocate. The son of two disabled veterans, he was a world traveler long before his began a career in music. Born in the south but raised in the north, Javier attributes his positive approach to the harsh environments he’s conquered.

Watching the effects of drugs, alcohol and negative messages take it’s toll on himself and others around him, he decided to be a catalyst for dynamic change. Refusing to curse in his rhymes has placed him in a unique light but his music is not only curse free, he also refuses to: degrade women, promote obsessive violence or over glorify money like majority of the rappers in today’s music industry.

That vision combined with his extreme work ethic has placed him on stages around the world. Javier has been featured on CNN, and news stations internationally and also has been seen performing at legendary venues, alongside Grammy Award winning musicians such as: Robert Glasper, Keyon Harrold, Chris Dave, Derrick Hodge and many more.

His “Indigo Child: D-eity” project featured original production by Daru Jones, Big Yuki and Adam Turchin, along with a number of J Dilla remixes that were met with warm applause by the musical community. Starks is currently working on his official debut album and plans to set a new example for youth aspiring to carve a lane in the music industry.

“The goal is to show them (the youth) that you can be incredibly successful without sacrificing your integrity. At the same time, I’ll show my peers and elders that there is still HOPE.” He’s off to a great start.”

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