This Light
03 May. 2012

This Light

Murph and i were in the lab late one night (nothing new) and i remembered a promise that i had made to two close friends at a cpr 97.5 this light radio… figured i’d finally release it to the public… maybe not just yet though lol be ready!! #ThisLight #Kony2012 #HOUSE


Javier: HouseStudioDC man… Murph on the beat, Yeahdo!

Ima let my little light shine… I ain’t the BRIGHTEST person in the world but I KNOW there ain’t another that’s like MINE

I remember crying, Tears in the night time, praying for that divine opportunity of a lifetime

So i write rhymes, propositions to make politicians stop and listen to issues to which they are QUITE blind

feelings put the lonely in a cell, trying to arrest their development like kony 2012, the children are not invisible, I see them very well the future’s a sleeping beauty but far from a fairy tale… time to wake’m, what they feed’m is stale, break’m out of their shell watch freedom will prevail!!

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